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Most of my life has been spent in the British countryside. I was brought up on farms in the Chiltern Hills and the Cotswold Hills.

      After studying art and graphic design I entered the world of advertising where I worked as a visualiser, designer and illustrator. In recent times this ‘commercial’ art has given way to my own art.

At last I paint subjects that are close to my heart; wildlife, trees, water, air, light….. natural moments glimpsed and interpreted in watercolours and acrylics. In each picture I hope to engage the viewer and open up fresh thoughts about this wonderful natural world, this world that is shared by us all but too often goes unnoticed.

If you like what you see within these pages and wish to commission me for a painting, dog portrait or map please contact me.


Putting the finishing touches to a 17 metre long mural commissioned by a Herefordshire cider producer.

(Photo courtesy of Marsha O’Mahony, journalist)

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